Covid19 is new merging, highly infections Corona virus. It emeg during late 1999 in Wuhan city in China then spread within the ;ast 5 months to more than 170 countrues infecting more than 4 Millions and resulting in the death of more than 300000 patients.

Many research studies are conducted on the genome of the virus, epidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnostics, discovery of new drugs and vaccines. Unfortunately little has been achieved so far.

This study aims to investigate the role of 20 cytokines in the pathogenesis of Covid19, to identify new linear synthetic epitopes to develop a simple serology diagnostic test and to sequence the genome of virus isolates for tracking the spread of the virus among patients in Sudan

Multiplex diagnosis:

Sudan is the third largest country in Africa with population of 37 M people. One third of the population are nomads animal herders exposed to zoonotic diseases and able to spread infections through vast areas during their migration. Geographically Sudan borders seven countries including: Chad, Egypt, Libya, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Central Africa.  The climate of Sudan varies from savannah to desert in the north generating favorable foci for the prevalence of diverse pathogens. Sudan is endemic of several epidemic-causing pathogens including malaria, leishmania, meningitis, Typhoid fever, Brucellosis, schistosomiasis and many viruses including West Nile, Rift Valley, Dengue and Hepatitis.

The civil unrest in Sudan resulted in local population displacement and the civil wars in the neighboring countries eg South Sudan and Central Africa generated opportunities for introduction and spread of emerging and reemerging pathogens. The recently describes leishmania, Yellow fever, dengue and Chickengunya outbreaks in eastern and Western Sudan reflects the fragile health situation aggravated by the weak or non existing health systems.

The health service and the surveillance systems are not optimum to provide the needed early diagnosis and containment of possible epidemic causing pathogens. Furthermore, there is a lack of capacity that can provide accurate routine diagnosis of syndromes that share similar clinical presentation eg Fevers syndrome.

Much is need for development of simple accurate and affordable diagnosis.


Sudan is a large country with weak health service and is endemic of several disease that are difficult to differentiate diagnostically. The local population displacement and the civil wars in the neighboring countries results in migration of population and introduction of emerging and remerging diseases. There is an urgent need for the development of accurate, simple and affordable diagnostic tests for early diagnosis and prevention of lethal epidemics


1-To develop and evaluate new diagnostics/ surveillance chip for accurate diagnosis of endemic disease in Sudan

2-To develop and evaluate a pan African diagnostic chips for early diagnosis of emerging and reemerging diseases