Who Are We

Bioscience Research Institute is a not for profit Research and training institute host by our partner Ibn Sina University, Khartoum, Sudan

Our vision

-          To become a leader in One health research

Our mission

-          To provide a platform for evidence-based research on Human, animals, plant health and the environment

-          To Train and foster future research leaders

-          To create a network of productive collaboration with national and international partners and stakeholders


Director: Professor Maowia M. Mukhtar (mmukhtar@tropmedicine.org)

Vice Director: Professor Elwaleed M Elamin (wmelamin@hotmail.com)

Research Groups leaders

Malaria research group: Dr. Zeinab S. Imam (zeinabimam@hotmail.com)

TB research group: Dr. Mona A. Awadelakrim (monaomer87@gmail.com)    

Leishmaniasis research group: Professor Elwaleed M. Elamin (wmelmin@hotmail.com)

Emerging diseases research group: Professor Maowia M. Mukhtar (mmukhtar@tropmedicine.org)

Anti microbial drug resistance group: Dr. Einas Awad (umghadi224@gmail.com)

Non communicable diseases research group: Dr. Sara Abdelatif  (Sara_A.Latif@tropmedicine.org)

Schistosomiasis research group leader: Professor Ibtisam Gourish (ibgoreish@yahoo.com)

IT and data group leader: Mrs. Hind Awadalla (hind1997@gmail.com)